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Make It Happen Outdoors Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Make It Happen Outdoors Podcast!
We're Kent and Brandon and we are the inventors, creators, authors, producers and hosts of this one of a kind outdoor podcast that's committed to bringing you content that's informative, entertaining, educational  and just down right  awesome from anyone and everyone who is  as passionate about what they do outdoors as we are. Whatever you do outdoors, we want to hear about it. Be sure to email us at or direct message us on Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors with questions, comments, submissions or whatever.

Jun 7, 2019

The saying goes that "the third time is a charm". Not in this case, the second time was definitely the winner. It took a while for all our schedules to match up, but once they did we were able to re-record a super podcast!
Andy known as andy_outdoors on Instagram is an extremely high energy guy who is a fanatic when it comes to making it happen in the outdoors of Florida. If it swims, flies, runs, jumps, crawls or slithers Andy knows how to find it, catch it, harvest it and make sure it ends up in his freezer!
His enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious and we couldn't ask for a better representative of the outdoors lifestyle.  
Thanks Andy for teaching us about the outdoors in the Southeast and go get a gator for us!

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