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Make It Happen Outdoors Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Make It Happen Outdoors Podcast!
We're Kent and Brandon and we are the inventors, creators, authors, producers and hosts of this one of a kind outdoor podcast that's committed to bringing you content that's informative, entertaining, educational  and just down right  awesome from anyone and everyone who is  as passionate about what they do outdoors as we are. Whatever you do outdoors, we want to hear about it. Be sure to email us at or direct message us on Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors with questions, comments, submissions or whatever.

Aug 14, 2018

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Bianca Jane known as herhumblehunt. Bianca is a driven and dedicated woman who wants to give back to her community and share her love for the outdoors. Bianca's foundation is proof of her desire to help and give back by showing women how fulfilling the outdoors can be. 
Bianca is an exciting energy packed woman who will go hunting at the drop of a hat. Her bear hunt in the spring of 2018 was a hunt of a lifetime and you can hear it in her story. 
Bianca definitely lives up to her name herhumblehunt and is doing everything she can to Make It Happen in the Outdoors. Go check out her Instagram @herhumble_hunt